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Hereford Beef

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Welcome to Monterey Beef, our family farm in Rockleigh, South Australia.

Discover the dedication behind Monterey Beef, where the Langford family’s passion for premium beef and the celebrated Hereford breed come together.

Monterey focuses on genetic improvement and animal wellbeing, which results in flavorsome meat that encapsulates the very essence of the iconic breed.

Nestled in Rockleigh’s picturesque rolling hills, Monterey Beef creates an idyllic environment for their Hereford cattle to thrive.

The Langfords believe that happy, healthy cows are the key to quality beef, and their farm’s ethos reflects this dedication to animal welfare.

A man looking at some cows in their field.
A family walking through a field

You can enjoy our premium Hereford Beef, from our farm to your home.

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As a boutique Hereford Stud, we only release a limited number of cows for Beef production each year.

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Prioritising animal welfare.

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A number of studs being shown off at the Royal Adelaide Show.

About our Stud

Monterey Poll Hereford Stud

The focus of our family farm is developing our stud. This focus on breeding quality Hereford cattle is why we’re able to produce such high-quality beef for sale.

You'll see us at the Royal Adelaide Show and other events across the country.

In 2022 we won 🏆 Grand Champion Bull, 🏆 Grand Champion Female, we also won 🏆 Pair Of Bulls, 🏆 Sire’s Progeny Group and the title of 🏆 Most Successful Exhibitor. 👉 Read more

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